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Smoking Alternative: The Juul Vapor E Cig including Nicotine Pod

When it comes to the actual vaping experience, you’ll find that a vape provides a remarkably similar experience as smoking real cigarettes. The throat hit can be felt, which is a huge plus for those who still long for it shortly after making the switch to e-cigarettes. And considering its affordable price tag, it’s hard to find another as good as Juul Starter Kit Pen.

#2. Ego Style Vape Pens and Mid-Sized Vaporizers

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For all intents and purposes, ego style e-cigs are considered as the second generation e-cigs. With the adoption and prevalence of e-cigs, manufacturers sought to improve the vaping experience. The best of doing this was to make e-cigs that were easier to refill, thus giving users more control on the e-liquids they used as well as higher capacity for fewer refills.

To this end, the vape pen has three parts; the tank, the cartomizer, and tank. The separation of the tank and the cartomizer allowed for bigger tanks to be incorporated into e-cigs. Additionally, this design lends itself to incorporating bigger battery design. The combination of a bigger battery and a bigger tank allows users to use their vaporizers for longer without refilling. With the tank under the full control of the user, it is easy for users to use their own e-liquids that they have mixed to their liking. However, there are prefilled tanks on the market for mid-sized vaporizers

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This particular variety of e-cigs is perfect for users looking to advanced their vaping game and explore new kinds of personally concocted e-liquids. They are also perfect for vapers interested in higher tank capacity for longer usage.