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E-Cigs and E-Liquids That Rule The Vapers Market

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This particular type of electronic cigarettes is the first generation of e-cigs and thus had to assume a shape and form that was familiar cigarette users. The Juul Vapor is the most popular currently. To this end, they were designed to mimic actual cigarettes and thus their form and ergonomics closely resemble traditional tobacco cigarettes. Nonetheless, despite being an old design, they are still the most popular e-cigs, thanks to their price and ease of use.

#1. Mini Cig-a-Like and 2 Piece E-Cigarettes

They are made of two sections/parts the battery and the cartridge. Typically, only the battery is reusable as the cartridge is designed to be disposed of once you finish the e-liquid. The cartridge part contains the cartomizer which houses the atomizer coil and the e-liquid. The atomizer coil heats the e-liquid to yield the vapor that is inhaled.

To use this kind of e-cig, one only needs to attach the battery to the cartridge and get on with vaping. Each cartridge contains enough e-liquid for 300 to 400 puffs or equivalent to about 1 pack of traditional cigarettes. There is a bod mod vape that’s refillable and thus can be reused. However, for the best refilling experience, it is far better to turn to ego e-cigs.

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When it comes to choosing the cartridges to use, there are many options available, most differentiated by the e-liquid content. Check out this Ecigexpress Coupon. You can purchase a cartridge with nicotine or without nicotine. Additionally, the nicotine levels vary, thus giving you the ability to vape using e-liquids with your desired amount of nicotine.

This particular variety is the best choice for individuals who are just turning to vaping. The ease of use, lower price-point, stellar ergonomics, and simplicity of design makes them the perfect choice in as far as novice vaping is concerned. They are perfect at simulating smoking, which is a valuable sensation for individuals looking to use e-cigs to quit smoking.